Some 10 million Vietnamese products sold on Amazon

Friday, 06/01/2023 10:19
(CPV) - In 2022, Vietnamese sales partners have sold nearly 10 million products on Amazon’s online stores globally, and the export value of Vietnamese sales partners on Amazon has increased more than 45%.
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Amazon Global Selling has officially released the report on cross-border e-commerce business on Amazon. Accordingly, despite the challenges of the world economic situation, cross-border e-commerce still shows many positive growth signals, contributing to the recovery of local businesses.

Specifically, the number of Vietnamese sales partners on Amazon increased by more than 80%, most of which are small and medium enterprises.

Many Vietnamese small and medium enterprises such as AnEco, Lafooco, Sunhouse or HMG continue to be successful as they welcome the cross-border e-commerce wave with Amazon, creating more jobs for local people.

Amazon Global Selling’s Small and Medium Enterprise Empowerment Report also shows how Vietnamese businesses have overcome challenges over the past 12 months, confidently and boldly experimenting with new business models and the sales growth results from online sales and exports.

Specifically, the number of products sold by Vietnamese sales partners on Amazon’s stores increased by more than 35% over the same period last year. The number of sales partners in Vietnam exceeded the sales milestone of 500,000 USD when doing business on Amazon, increasing by 60% over the same period last year./.