Vietnam officially exports bird’s nest to China

Thursday, 17/11/2022 15:52
On November 16, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan signed the Protocol to officially export bird’s nest products to China.
Vietnam's bird’s nest products are officially exported to China. (Photo: 

Vietnam now has more than 22,000 bird’s nest houses and its nest production is about 120 tons, valued at over 500 million USD. The export of bird’s nests to the Chinese market creates many opportunities for Vietnam's bird’s nest industry to develop, ensuring stable output for products, bringing economic benefits, and creating a driving force for the strong development of the bird’s nest farming model.

Currently, China is the world’s largest market for bird’s nest products, accounting for more than 80% of the global market share. The specialized data of bird's nest products in China show that the official import into China is 180 tons in 2019, 220 tons in 2020 and more than 300 tons in 2021.

Vietnam has great potential and is favorable for the development of bird’s nest farming due to its long coastline with many islands and mountain ranges jutting out into the sea and into lagoons. The quality of Vietnamese bird’s nest products is considered superior to other countries in the region. As a result, Vietnamese bird’s nest products are very popular with Chinese customers.

Since 2018, bird’s nest has been one of the products that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development negotiated and submitted to the General Administration of Customs of China for official export to this country.

Aiming to export bird’s nest products to China to ensure compliance with regulations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will hold a conference to disseminate the content of the Protocol on the export of bird’s nest to China for all associations and businesses./.