Vietnamese noodles gain easier entry to EU

Wednesday, 15/06/2022 11:26
Vietnamese products sold in Europe such as vermicelli made of cassava, rice noodles and Pho have been removed from the list of agricultural product groups which need to be strictly inspected when exporting to the market, according to the Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The specialty of vermicelli produced in the suburbs of Hanoi is favored by Vietnamese and international consumers. (Photo:

The Ministry of Industry and Trade on June 13 said that the EU published an amendment to the new regulation on emergency measures to control food exported to the EU. The regulation takes effect from July 3, 2022.

However, the EU continues to maintain the requirement of supplementing food safety certificates with shipments of instant noodles originating from Vietnam in ingredients containing spices and some other ingredients and additives.

At the same time, the EU continues to maintain dragon fruit products in the list that requires additional food safety certificates, with the reason that dragon fruit is still at high risk of food insecurity. The spice groups are still subject to the EU border inspection frequency of 50%.

“Therefore, from July 3rd, Vietnamese shipments of vermicelli noodles to the EU do not need to supplement with a certificate of food safety issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and are not controlled at the EU border gate,” the Ministry said./.