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Vietnam offers substantial benefits to Japanese investors: OERI expert
Vietnam is a destination that can bring substantial benefit to Japanese investors, Director of the Vietnam Economic Research Institute (OERI) Moribe Hiroyuki said ahead of an official visit by Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide.
Asia Times: Vietnam an outlier during COVID-19 pandemic
11:15 03/10/2020
Asia Times on October 1 ran an article saying that the Vietnamese economy will soon recover after COVID-19 pandemic and become one of the best performers in the world.
Vietnam – a model for effective COVID-19 response: Indian newspaper
18:01 02/10/2020
Vietnam is a model to learn from after two effective responses to COVID-19, according to an article posted on the Indian Times.
UK newspaper praises Vietnam’s defeat of second COVID-19 wave
16:35 30/09/2020
Thanks to the strict lockdown in the COVID-19 outbreak in Da Nang city, massive COVID-19 testing and good mass communication, Vietnam can now “take pride” in defeating its second coronavirus wave, the UK newspaper Telegraph has reported.
Vietnam a bright destination: French investors
17:17 29/09/2020
Dozens of French groups and major companies operating in different fields joined an online conference on September 28 that sought ways to promote French investments in Vietnam after the COVID-19.
Indonesia press praises Vietnam’s prevention of 2nd COVID-19 outbreak and economic recovery
16:47 29/09/2020
Over the past week, many Indonesian newspapers praised Vietnam’s victory over the global COVID-19 pandemic, saying that Indonesia needs to learn from the experience of Vietnam.
Indonesian media praise Vietnam’s success in curbing COVID-19 spread, economic growth
17:12 28/09/2020
Indonesian media have applauded Vietnam’s success in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which helps the country’s economy to expand.
Australian newspaper details Vietnamese efforts to stamp out COVID-19 twice
10:54 25/09/2020
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has published an article highlighting the nation’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which has helped to return the lives of Vietnamese citizens back to normal.
ASEAN member countries’ ambassadors appreciate Vietnam’s ASEAN Chairmanship
17:18 24/09/2020
ASEAN member countries’ ambassadors to Pretoria, South Africa, have shared an assessment that Vietnam has successfully completed the ASEAN Chairmanship task in the past 9 months.
American newspaper highly appreciates Vietnam's social solidarity in COVID-19 fight
15:57 23/09/2020
The US magazine CounterPunch has just published an article on Vietnam's success in the fight against COVID-19, which highlights the solidarity of the people.