Foreign tourists at the resort (Photo:

Mr. Jan Bleyenberg, a journalist, head of the foreign tourists’ delegation, described Vietnam “a wonderful place” with head of Hoa Co Resort. He complimented Vietnamese climate, luxurious isolated area with swimming pool, comfortable rooms and delicious food.

“Returning to Belgium, I will write articles and attach photos on my newspaper about the journey and we will never forget this special journey,” he said. 

Hoa Co is one of the two resorts in Hoi An receiving foreign tourists isolated by Covid-19. “When they leave, they write a letter expressing their thanks to Vietnam for well treating them, and pledge to return to Vietnam,” Nguyen Thanh Sang, the owner of the resort, said. 

Like Hoa Co Resort, a high-class resort in Cam Thanh commune also welcomed tens of foreign tourists for caring for during their isolated time.

According to Le Tri Thanh, Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee, receiving them is aimed to show the province’s affection for tourists./.

Compiled by BTA