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According to the article on of India posted on March 17th and adding that Vietnam has shown its ability to cope with and control COVID-19 effectively and is among countries most appreciated for its COVID-19 prevention and suppression campaign. It also states some measures Vietnam has applied to prevent the virus from spreading.

The first measure is to launch two health declaration applications for people, one for Vietnamese citizens and one for foreigners living in Vietnam. People are required to constantly update their health situation so that the government has a stable database.

The second "secret" is that Vietnam has produced a set of test kits for SARS-CoV-2, meeting the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO), to screen Covid-19 suspected patients.

The third important measure is installing mobile disinfection chambers for people. The chamber has a 360-degree fog-type disinfectant spray system, which is said to eliminate 90% of bacteria and viruses on the body.

Previously, the Diplomat also published an article about the efforts of the Government of Vietnam in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The article stated that during the fight against the epidemic, the government of Vietnam always pays attention to and places the health and life of the people above all else.

According to the article, in that spirit, the Government of Vietnam has operated with disclosure and provided transparent information about the epidemic, thereby gaining people's trust. These measures have been proven effective and show positive results in Vietnam./.