Female Russian photographer Vera Mazhirina (Photo: VNA)

At the exhibition, 21 photos were taken by female Russian photographer Vera Mazhirina during nearly a year of working and living in Vietnam. She spent lots of her time visiting coastal fishing villages in the central region to capture the locals’ daily and spiritual life.

Getting familiar with the camera since she was 16, Mazhirina is now a photojournalist majoring in parliament news.

According to the female Russian photographer, she was most impressed by Vietnam’s cultural space and sea, which was the reason why she has chosen such theme for her first exhibition on the S-shaped country.

Mr. Gennady Toluzakov, a visitor at the exhibition, said that he wants to travel to Vietnam’s sunny beaches and catch fish with locals.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism released that before the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Russian tourist arrivals in Vietnam grew by 30 percent annually on average./.