Maj. Gen. Alexander Peryazev in an interview granted for Vietnamese press in Moscow on August 17 (Photo: NDO)

He made the statement during his meeting with delegations’ heads and referees in Moscow, Russia on August 17.

Maj. Gen. Alexander Peryazev also expressed his thanks to the Vietnam People's Army for creating good conditions for the Russian Federation army's teams to compete in Vietnam despite the difficult conditions this year.

Commenting on Vietnam's participation in hosting the 2021 Army Games, he said that the reports of the representatives of the Russian team participating in the Army Games in Vietnam confirmed that the Vietnamese People's Army had made thorough preparation for this year's event, despite hosting the event for the first time amid various difficulties..

He emphasized that Vietnamese officers, soldiers and other forces participating in the Army Games showed high competitive spirit, not only in competition preparation, but also in self-discipline and high determination to win.

The Army Games 2021 is scheduled for August 22 – September 4 with 34 contests and 260 teams from 45 countries. Competition events will be held in Armenia, Algeria, Belarus, Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, Qatar, China, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Russia./.

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