A virus-shaped burger (Photo: vnexpress.net)

According to reporter Kate Taylor from the Business Insider, creation of new dishes during the epidemic outbreak shows how Vietnamese companies and restaurants adapt in this challenging time and create new and delicious dishes.

Burger Corona

With the desire to convey a positive message to everyone amidst the global pandemic, chef Hoang Tung and his restaurant in Hanoi have created a virus-shaped burger. The burger is made from green tea with small spikes to resemble the actual image of the virus, then it is baked and sandwiched with the usual burger filling. This unique burger has become famous and was recommended and praised by many press agencies such as Reuters, CNN, SCMP.

Burger and dragon fruit bread

A bakery chain in Ho Chi Minh city has created a kind of bread made from dragon fruit. This kind of bread has quickly gained support from the community and become a "hot" dish. Kate Taylor has come in line to experience this creative specialty.

After queuing for 20 minutes, she got the bread, tried it and commented: "I was immediately impressed with the fresh, gentle aroma of dragon fruit. The crust is completely crispy, the inside is soft. Dragon fruit bread is not only famous on social networks, but it is really delicious."

The next dish marked in the "rescue dragon fruit" campaign is dragon fruit burger. A chain of fried chicken restaurants also launched a new type of chicken burger with pink crust made from this fruit./.