Professor Ngo Bao Chau becomes a professor of Collège de France (France) (Photo:

According to VIASM, Prof. Ngo Bao Chau has recently read the inaugural lecture, officially becoming a professor of Collège de France. The most famous scientific research center of France, Collège de France was established in 1530, with members who are the best individuals of France in all fields of culture, science and art.

Since the 16th century, Collège de France has carried out two tasks: holding a place among the top research activities; and teaching and spreading knowledge.

At present, members of the Collège de France include about 52 professors in all fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, archeology, linguistics, and many other fields of sciences, arts and humanities.

They include 21 scientists winning the Nobel Prize, and 8 mathematicians awarded the Fields Medal. Running on the motto “Teaches everything”, Collège de France aims to “teach science in the making”.

Prof. Duong Nguyen Vu, former Director of the John von Neumann Institute, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh city, said that College de France is the pinnacle of French science and art. “Ngo Bao Chau is not only a Professor but also a Chair in the field of Formes Automorphe,” he added.

Ngo Bao Chau was born in 1972 in Hanoi, and is currently the Scientific Director of VIASM. In 2008, he put forth the proof of the fundamental lemma, which was selected by US Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2009.

In 2010, Prof. Ngo Bao Chau became the first Vietnamese ever to win the Fields Medal, the world’s most prestigious award in the field of mathematics, during the 26th International Congress of Mathematicians 2010 held in the city of Hyderabad (India). The Fields Medal is awarded every four years to a maximum of four mathematicians below the age of 40 with outstanding research projects./.

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