Businesses in Ho Chi Minh City plan to recruit 43,000 workers

Friday, 11/11/2022 21:50
The demand for labor recruitment in Ho Chi Minh City in the last months of the year is 43,000 workers, mainly in the fields of trade, service, and production and consumption for Tet holidays.
Illustrative photo (Source: VNA) 

The figure was announced by Nguyen Van Lam, Deputy Director of the city Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, during a meeting on November 10.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Lam, in 2021, 122,700 workers in Ho Chi Minh City received unemployment allowance. In the first 10 months of 2022, the city reported 128,647 people receiving unemployment allowance, an increase of about 27% over the same period.

Currently, there are 248,897 operating enterprises in the city. As of October, nearly 2.5 million employees worked with social insurance, an increase of more than 345,000 people over the same period in 2021 and an increase of more than 100,000 people compared to the first six months of 2022.

Through a survey of 285 enterprises with 200 employees or more, it was found that 159 of 285 enterprises had a need to recruit workers, with the recruitment number of 8,232 people, concentrated in the textile, mechanical, and delivery industries and food processing.

Due to the influence of fluctuations in the world market, especially the unstable economic and political situation in some European countries, a number of footwear and garment processing enterprises for export faced difficulties from goods orders, forcing them to rearrange or reduce the number of laborers.

In order to cope with difficulties, some businesses have rearranged working hours reasonably with production needs in order to retain workers and to have enough human resources when there are new goods orders.

According to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City, in 2022, there are 26 businesses that notified employees to leave jobs due to changes in structure, technology or economic reasons, with the number of workers whose jobs are cut being 2,844 out of 14,861 employees.

The department said that it is necessary to quickly support and connect so that workers can soon have new jobs to stabilize their lives through the organization of job exchange fairs, and promotion of vocational training and job placement counseling.

In addition, it will connect the Employment Service Centers with provinces to introduce jobs for workers who want to return to their hometowns to work./.

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