Gia Lai Police honors typical examples of studying and implementing Uncle Ho's six teachings

Friday, 10/03/2023 17:30
The Gia Lai provincial Police has held a ceremony to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the People's Public Security studying and implementing the 6 things Uncle Ho taught, and the 75th anniversary of the traditional day of building the People's Public Security force (March 11, 1948-2023), and exchange and honor advanced examples.
Collectives and individuals were honored and rewarded at the commemorative program.(Photo: VNA)

Over the years, People's Public Security’s movements of studying and implementing the 6 things Uncle Ho taught in Gia Lai has been concretized into specific actions, associated with the task of protecting security and order and building force. The provincial police has also actively and synchronously carried out tasks, solutions, and promptly solved emerging issues of security and order.

Party building and force building are focused. The provincial police force raised its awareness of actively studying, practicing, cultivating morality, and devotedly serving the people.

The provincial Police has launched a special emulation campaign in celebration the 75th anniversary of the People's Public Security studying and implementing the 6 things Uncle Ho taught.

Through the emulation, the Gia Lai Police had 366 collectives and 752 individuals who made outstanding achievements in work and combat, and were rewarded by all levels and branches. The State President awarded 5 Victory Medals of second and third place for 3 groups and 2 individuals. The Prime Minister awarded Certificates of Merit to 2 individuals. 

Major General Rah Lan Lam, Director of the Gia Lai Police, said that the province will continue promoting popularization of President Ho Chi Minh’s patriotic emulation ideology, 6 things Uncle Ho taught People’s Public Security, associated with introducing and praising good examples, good people, good deeds, new models, and good practices in various fields of work./.