Gia Lai Public Security launches tree planting at historic site

Saturday, 12/03/2022 00:41
The Gia Lai Provincial Public Security has held a ceremony to launch tree planting at a historic relic of the provincial Security Department.

The move is part of activities to respond President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching of planting trees in Spring, realize the project of planting 1 billion green trees launched by the Prime Minister and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Tradition Day of the People’s Public Security force (July 20th, 1962).

The event aims to contribute to educating cadres and soldiers about the revolutionary tradition, improving their professional skills and political bravery, and successfully completing all tasks assigned by the Party, State and People.

Colonel Pham Huu Truong, Deputy Director of the Gia Lai Public Security, launched tree planting at the Provincial Security Department’s historic site. (Photo:

After the launch ceremony, the delegates planted trees around the monument of the provincial Security Department’s historic site. The monument was inaugurated on August 19, 2018. This is a work located in the overall historical relic area of the Gia Lai Party Committee at the Zone 10 revolutionary base, in Krong commune, Kbang district. 

Earlier, the delegation offered flowers and incense to President Ho Chi Minh and heroic martyrs at the Memorial House of Gia Lai Party Committee’s relic site.

In 2021, the provincial Public Security planted more than 3,000 trees, perennial trees, and fruit trees of all kinds. Tree planting activities have contributed to changing the landscape of the working environment to be more fresh, green, clean and beautiful./.