Hanoi receives VND83 billion to support "For the poor" Fund

Monday, 05/12/2022 15:02
In the peak month of "For the poor" and Hanoi's social security in 2022, the "For the poor" Fund has received registrations and donations of more than VND83 billion, the city Fatherland Front has reported.
At the launch ceremony of the month for the poor (Photo: baodautu.vn)

From the Fund "For the Poor", fronts at all levels have mobilized more businesses and benefactors to support poor, near-poor households and households with extremely difficult circumstances in the area.

The city level has supported the construction of great solidarity houses, means and tools for production and business for poor households, near-poor households, and households in extremely difficult circumstances, with a total amount of more than VND20 billion, including giving support to 200 great solidarity houses worth VND10 billion, 20 breeding cows worth VND400 million, 15 motorbikes and a sugarcane juice machine worth VND306 million, transferring VND10 billion to support the "For the cause" Fund. 

According to statistics, currently, the local-level Fatherland Front has supported the construction of 306 great solidarity houses worth more than VND12 billion; repaired 94 houses; and supported seeds, capital, production materials and means of labor for nearly 1,600 households.

The "For the Poor" Fund has also supported 506 people for medical examination and treatment; 3,318 children of poor households to go to school, worth over VND2.1 billion; and gifts for poor households and households in difficult circumstances worth more than VND13.8 billion.

Along with that, it has mobilized businesses, organizations, and benefactors to support poor and disadvantaged households to build and repair great solidarity houses, donate bicycles to poor children, and provide medical examination and treatment for poor households with a total value of more than VND1.6 billion./.

Compiled by BTA