Naval Zone 5 organizes tree planting festival in gratitude to Uncle Ho

Friday, 11/02/2022 16:43
After many years of organizing the Tet tree-planting festival, themed “Forever grateful to Uncle Ho”, officers and soldiers of the Naval Zone 5 Command stationed on Phu Quoc Island planted tens of thousands of trees.

Naval Zone 5 Command organizes tree planting activities. (Photo:

On February 10, the Naval Zone 5 Command, located in Phu Quoc city, Kien Giang province, said that it had just organized the Tet tree planting festival to express gratitude to Uncle Ho.

This is an annual activity of officers and soldiers of the Naval Zone 5 to show the soldier’s sense and responsibility; at the same time, showing respect and determination to study and follow the example of beloved Uncle Ho.

In 2021, the officers and soldiers of Naval Zone 5 have planted 820 fruit trees, more than 500 trees and shade trees, and built and renovated nearly 1,800m² of flower beds and lawns.

In 2022, officers and soldiers of the Zone will continue to plant 300 new trees of all kinds capable of growing, developing and adapting to the soil, climate and weather conditions on Phu Quoc Island.

The movement created an atmosphere of exciting competition and determination to complete the task well from the first days of the Lunar New Year. Planting trees in the military unit also spreads the spirit of love of nature to the residential community, contributing to building a green - clean - beautiful, modern and friendly Phu Quoc Island City./.