OLA English language academy offers 500 seats at Cambridge ESOL exams

Friday, 24/06/2022 11:48
With more than 1 billion users globally, English is one of the three most popular languages in the world. Therefore, excellent English is the key for the young generation to open the door of knowledge and global integration. To this end, youngsters need to obtain international English certificates such as Cambridge ESOL, IELTS.

OLA English language academy offers 500 seats at Cambridge ESOL exams

(Photo courtesy of OLA English language academy)  

The time after school is perfect for students to focus on sharpen their English skills and acquire certificates. On this occasion, OLA English Language Academy offers a special gift of 500 free seats at Cambridge starters, movers, flyers (ESOL) exams, applicable for newly-registered students at OLA.

Inheriting more than 20 years of experience of ILA (Vietnam's leading English education organisation), with the mission of training 1 million excellent Vietnamese students in English, through the programme to award 500 free seats at the exams for Cambridge ESOL certificates, OLA wishes to create more motivation for students to plan to conquer contests for international certificates early, excel in English and confidently reach all dreams in the future.

For detailed information, please visit www.ola-academy.edu.vn or call us at (028)73003639 - 0903974286./.