Workers to have four day off from September 1 to 4 on National Day

Friday, 05/08/2022 11:23
According to the Office of the Government, workers and students nationwide will have four days off from September 1 to 4 on the occasion of National Day.
Hanging national flags  on great national holidays (Source:

From 2021, Vietnam has a total of 11 public holidays, while the number of days off for National Day (September 2) increases from one to two, reported the Vietnam Government Portal (VGP).

If any holiday falls on the weekend, people will be entitled to an extra day off as compensation.

As this year's National Day (September 2, 2022) is on Friday, so workers nationwide will have a total of four days off.

If employees work part-time, they will get at least 150% of the daily wages; 200% on their rest day; 300% on national holidays.

The above holiday is scheduled to apply for cadres, civil servants and employees of administrative agencies, non-businesses, political organizations, socio-political organizations. Agencies and organizations that do not implement a fixed schedule of two days off every Saturday and Sunday, will base themselves on the specific program and plan of the unit to arrange a suitable holiday schedule.

The 4-day break is also a time for families and groups of friends to plan a trip on this occasion before entering the new school year. This is also the time to mark the transition from summer tourism to autumn tourism. This is also the time to enter the tourist season to welcome international visitors.

Foreign workers in Vietnam are entitled to 11 days off for these public holidays, as well as two more for the traditional New Year's Day and National Day of their countries./.