The event also drew the participation of many local people, cultural researchers, domestic and foreign visitors.

During the festival, the Cham people pay tribute to their ancestors, pray for favorable weather and prosperity, and showcase their cultural values. Diverse activities such as singing, dancing, drama, and traditional contests are held. In 2017, the festival was recognized as national intangible cultural festival.

Following are photos about the festival:


A performance in honour of the Po Inu Nugar Goddess in Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province.
Religious dignitaries perform rituals to pray for favourable weather at Po Klong Garai Tower.
Cham people in Ninh Thuan province prepare offerings to the gods at the Kate Festival.
Foreign tourists learn about the traditions of the Cham people at Po Klong Garai Tower.
The attire and belongings of the Po Inu Nugar Goddess are carried to Po Klong Garai Tower for a traditional ritual.
Cham people bring their offerings to the Po Klong Garai Tower.
The Ninh Thuan leaders present gifts to religious leaders and local residents to celebrate Kate Festival.
Cham women performance a fan dance to celebrate the festival.
The sounds of Ghinang drums and Cham dances are an indispensable part of the Kate Festival.


Brahman religious leaders in Binh Thuan province carry the clothes and belongings of the Po Sah Inu Goddess to the main tower.
Cham women in Binh Thuan province perform traditional dances at the foot of Po Sah Inu Tower.
Po Sah Inu Tower is the main venue where Cham people
in Binh Thuan province performance their Kate Festival rituals. (Photo: Nhan Dan Online)
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