Indonesia urges global cooperation to address water issues at the 10th World Water Forum

Saturday, 27/04/2024 17:15
(CPV) - The Government of Indonesia is filled with optimism in preparing for and welcoming delegates of the 10th World Water Forum. This meeting is a golden opportunity for Indonesia to push for achieving concrete solutions to overcome water problems.

Advisor to the Minister of Public Works and Housing for Technology, Industry, and Environment and First Vice Chair of the National Secretariat Committee for the 10th World Water Forum, Endra S. Atmawidjaja stated that world leaders can explore many interesting things about Indonesia, especially related to how to solve water governance problems.

"Indonesia's success in promoting water governance through a local cultural approach can be a lesson for the global community. This good practice involving all stakeholders proves that Indonesia is able to lead the world in facing the water crisis," he said, Wednesday (April 24th 2024).

Water crises are now a serious threat in many countries. Endra revealed that climate change has disrupted the hydrological cycle. The water crisis is a global problem that must be solved by every country, both developed and developing.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) projects that by 2050, the water crisis due to climate change will increase food insecurity. More than 500 million small-scale farmers, who produce 80 percent of the world's food, are currently the most vulnerable.

Not only that, the water crisis also has the potential to cause conflicts between regions and between countries. For instance, Iran and Afghanistan, two Asian countries in the Middle East region that are currently in turmoil due to the shrinking availability of water sources.

Conflicts over water in the two countries have occurred since the 1950s. This shows how precious water is for life. Therefore, cooperation in water management is crucial, especially in border areas and areas experiencing scarcity.

The 10th World Water Forum is expected to be a momentum to build collaboration between countries in overcoming water problems. Collaborative action can bring modalities together and increase capacity to face any water-related challenges.

"The spirit of the World Water Forum in Bali is a multisectoral, multi-helix, multi-party, multi-nation, and multinational collaboration in order to face and overcome common problems of water crisis and global climate crisis," said Endra.

Therefore, the Government of Indonesia encourages the involvement of state leaders, parliaments, ministers, regional leaders, and basin authorities in the World Water Forum later. Global cooperation is essential to strengthen the political will to address water issues.

The success of the 10th World Water Forum will not only be determined by the event's smooth running, but also by each country's long-term commitment to water issues. The resulting agreement must be in line with cooperation between governments, the private sector, civil society, and the international community.

Endra affirmed that Indonesia is ready to take an active role in implementing and monitoring the progress of the agreement in the forum. As host of the 10th World Water Forum, Indonesia has the opportunity to lead the change by encouraging sustainable water resource management.

Indonesia will introduce initiatives and innovations that have been carried out in the field of water management. This includes the use of technology for water efficiency in sectors such as agriculture, mining, industry and watershed area management, as well as adaptation and mitigation strategies to hydrometeorological disasters./.

Khac Kien