January 7 victory reflects Cambodia-Vietnam solidarity: scholar

Saturday, 07/01/2023 10:15
Cambodia’s January 7 Victory reflected the pure and sincere international solidarity between Cambodian and Vietnamese people, opening a new page in the nations’ fine friendship and good neighbourliness, said Uch Leang, deputy head of the Department of Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies under the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC)’s Institute of International Relations.
On January 7, 1979, the Cambodian revolutionary armed forces and Vietnamese volunteer soldiers enter Phnom Penh to overthrow the Pol Pot genocidal regime (Photo: VNA). 

In his recent article commemorating the fall of the Pol Pot's regime on the 44th anniversary of Cambodia’s January 7 Victory Day (1979 – 2023) posted on Freshnews - the website with the highest number of readers in Cambodia, the scholar noted that with the help of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers, the Cambodian army and people overthrew the Pol Pot genocidal regime in 1979.

According to the author, the Vietnam-Cambodia relations have been increasingly strengthened in a comprehensive and sustainable manner, bringing about mutual benefits for the sides.

He wrote facing many challenges stemming from complicated political upheavals in the region and the world, the nations have continued to consolidate and expand their good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, and mutual support in difficult times to maintain socio-political stability and promote growth.

The expert affirmed that the ties have thrived across fields, bringing practical benefits to the two countries' people./.

CPV (Source: VNA)