Laos Government to tackle school drop-out rate

Saturday, 08/07/2023 15:43
Student enrolment in every school grade in Laos has fallen, while the dropout rate has increased in both primary and secondary schools.
Students study in a classroom in rural Laos (photo: The Nation)

Addressing the fifth session of the ninth National Assembly, Lao Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone said the reasons for the alarming decline in school attendance were rooted in various factors, including personal circumstances, school conditions, and financial hardship on the part of parents.

The PM said the education ministry would assist disadvantaged students by providing them with basic learning materials and waiving the payment of school fees.

The plan for the next six months also includes providing more vocational training and encouraging applicants to choose a course that will enable them to get a job and be self-supporting when they graduate.

Education authorities will carry out closer monitoring of teaching and learning outcomes, while schools and colleges will be improved, and student dormitories will be built in rural areas.

There will also be more vocational skills training in the non-formal education sector.

The government will speed up the enactment of a law on education, which will require parents to be responsible for ensuring their children get an education.

In addition, the government will take steps to reduce the student dropout rate in both urban and rural areas by expanding inclusive education in schools and vocational training institutions.

More secondary school students will be encouraged to enroll in courses at vocational and technical schools so that they learn practical skills that benefit both them and employers, Sonexay said./.

CPV (Source: VNA)