Ph​ilippines cancels 40 domestic flights after power outage

Tuesday, 02/05/2023 10:00
At least 40 domestic flights have been canceled on May 1 due to a power failure at Ninoy Aquino Airport, the main airport in the capital city of Manila, the Philippines.
Philippines cancels 40 domestic flights after power outage (Photo: Gulf News) 

The Manila International Airport Authority said on social networks that a blackout, which was registered at 1.05am, mainly affected Terminal 3 of the airport.

This resulted in the cancellation of 46 flights to and from the Philippine capital and affecting routes to tourist destinations such as Cebu and Puerto Princesa, and important cities such as Davao.

The authorities said that backup power supplies were being administered to key facilities, allowing the IT systems of the airlines and immigration services to operate partially while processing incoming and outgoing passengers.

The authorities, meanwhile, have also been trying to determine the cause of the power failure.

On January 1 this year, Ninoy Aquino airport was also affected by a blackout, affecting thousands of passenger./.

CPV (Source: VNA)