Vietnam Family to be celebrated at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

Friday, 09/06/2023 16:00
Diverse activities will be held during the” Family Festival” at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (in Dong Dong Mo Tourism Area, Son Tay District, Hanoi) in June to celebrate Vietnam Family Day 2023 (June 28).
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The highlight of the programme will be the activities introducing the traditional culture of the H’re ethnic minority group in Quang Ngai Province, including the reproduction of worshipping rituals at the water wharf and performances of folk songs and dances by H’re, Co Tu and Gia Rai ethnic minority groups.

In addition, every day, ethnic minority groups of artisans in the village introduce their traditional handicrafts, organise folk games such as nem con (throwing con through the ring on the top of a pole), walking on stilts and swings.

Visitors to the village will also have the chance to enjoy unique dishes, brocade products and musical instruments of ethnic groups on the occasion./.