US media lists Vietnamese dishes among world’s 60 famous foods to try in lifetime

Wednesday, 06/09/2023 18:30
The 60 famous foods to try in the lifetime have been recently unveiled by US-based newspaper Insider, with Vietnamese dishes Phở (noodle soup) and Bánh mì (baguette) included in the list, Radio the Voice of Vietnam reported.

Bánh mì is a popular type of sandwich in Vietnam. (Photo courtesy of Insider) 

The media outlet suggests sampling a warm bowl of Phở, a Vietnamese noodle soup that boasts tonnes of flavor at Dong Thap Noodles in Seattle, the US. The meal is comprised of three pounds of noodles, meat, and liters of broth, respectively.

Although it is meant for a family of six to seven people, if diners are able to finish the bowl within 90 minutes then they can get a US$500 reward. Only three people have successfully completed the challenge, according to Insider.

Bánh mì is a popular type of sandwich in Vietnam. The inexpensive staple is usually made using pate, bright and crunchy vegetable slaw, fish sauce, and sliced jalapeño peppers or fresh cilantro, the article reports.

The publication therefore recommends Banh Mi Huynh Hoa, a site which is recognised as one of the most famous spots to try the sandwich in Ho Chi Minh City.

Insider compiles a list of the most famous food from around the world in order to determine the top 60 foods everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Some items, such as Chicago's deep-dish pizza, won't need foodies to break the bank, but others require traveling a little further afield or even to visit Michelin-star restaurants.

Others in the list are chocolatería San Ginés of Spain, snail dish of France, Greek spanakopita, Italian pizza, and Italian caprese salad.

Australian site calls Vietnam “land of beauty, welcome surprises” – a leading independent music and arts publication in Australia - has run a writing titled “Vietnam: A land of beauty and welcome surprises”, emphasing Vietnam is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning landscapes, historic sites, and cultural attractions, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

According to the site that is run by a team of emerging writers and photographers who talk about the music, art, film, food, lifestyle and more, Vietnam has a diverse geography that includes mountains, deltas, and coastal areas.

Hoi An Ancient town is located in Vietnam's central Quang Nam province. (Photo: VNA) 

In central Vietnam, the land is only 50 to 80 km wide, the flexible supporting bar, as it were, if the north and south are viewed graphically as bamboo baskets. However, the rugged mountain terrain means that traversing this narrow part can take several hours.

After a direct flight from Sydney, then a short connecting flight from Ho Chi Minh City, visitors arrive coastal Nha Trang city in Khanh Hoa province where there are plenty of local experiences to try. Boat cruises, temple visits, countryside cooking classes, and rooftop cocktail bars are just a few of the many attractions in the region.

Specifically, the Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its fresh ingredients, vibrant flavours, and use of herbs and spices. Dishes like pho (noodle soup) and banh mi (sandwich) are popular worldwide.

The site mentions a small village homestay, surrounded by rice fields, outside of Nha Trang that specialises in teaching traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Visitors can learn how to roll their own rice paper rolls.

The freshness of food is a recurring theme. They can see tanks of live eels and king prawns ready to serve, and often the fruits, spices and herbs are locally grown.

Another popular tourist destination in Nha Trang is the Po Nagar Cham Hindu temples - an important part of the culture, overlooking the harbour and dating back to the 7th century. They are remarkably preserved, considering their age and the monsoonal seasons that frequent this region. These towers are dedicated to the goddess Po and there is a steady stream of people making offerings and prayers inside these remarkable temples.

It is noted that the capital of Vietnam is Hanoi but the country's largest city is Ho Chi Minh City, with approximately 10 million residents and transient workers.

Hạ Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular travel destination in Quang Ninh province. (Photo: VNA) 

The French influence is obvious in many of the public buildings. Even private residences are decorated in traditional French colonial style.

About an hour south of Ho Chi Minh City is the Mekong River, the world’s largest inland fishery. Visitors can explore the coconut production along the delta. Cruising along the river in a long boat, whilst eating fresh dragon fruit, mango and rambutan, they can learn about the regional coconut production.

“Vietnam is a land of contrasts and surprises, from local farmhouses to the most cosmopolitan hotels and restaurants,” the writing concludes.

Vietnam wins three golds at 2023 World Weightlifting Championships

Vietnamese weightlifters on September 5 grabbed three gold and three silver medals in the men’s 55kg category at the ongoing 2023 World Weightlifting Championships in Saudi Arabia, said the Vietnam News Agency.

The three golds went to Lai Gia Thanh while Thanh’s teammate Ngo Son Dinh bagged the three silvers.

Vietnamese weightlifter Lai Gia Thanh (Photo: VNA) 

Without Chinese athletes registering to compete in this weight category, Thanh and Dinh outplayed their opponents from Thailand and Indonesia to clinch the medals.

The medals helped to motivate both Vietnamese athletes in the lead-up to ASIAD 19 competitions due to take place in Hangzhou, China, later this month.

The 2023 World Weightlifting Championships is getting underway in Riyadh from September 4-17 with the participation of 719 athletes from 153 countries and territories. The competition serves as a mandatory event to qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, to which Vietnamese weightlifters have yet to get any tickets.

Da Nang Port receives first container ship to transport cargo to US

Da Nang Port in the central coastal city of Da Nang on September 5 welcomed Singapore’s container ship WanHai 362 as part of the AA3 service line connecting Vietnam directly to the Port of Long Beach in the United States, said Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

Wan Hai is currently the 11th largest container shipping line in the world that owns 69 mother ships. Among them, this year built WAN HAI 362 is the largest that has a Singaporean nationality.

Da Nang Port (Photo: VOV) 

The 203.5m long and 34.8m wide vessel is capable of carrying 3,013 TEUS. It is also the largest container ship to ever dock at Tien Sa Port so far.

Accordingly, a total of 482 containers of goods were unloaded at Da Nang Port, while 50 TEUS of goods were loaded there en route to port of Long Beach. The main export items were garments, wooden furniture, children's toys, steel rolls, and aircraft equipment.

With a direct journey from Da Nang to Long Beach, the time to transport goods will be cut short to 21 days instead of between 25 days and 28 days as previously, minimising the risk of damaging goods or avoiding risks due to not being able to connect to mother ships at other transshipment hubs./.

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