According to statistics from China’s Customs Administration quoted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Import-Export Department, in November 2021, China’s import of processed fruit and vegetables (coded HS 20) was valued at 211.86 million USD, an increase of 31.7% compared to the same period last year.

In the 11 months, the figure reached 1.48 billion USD, up 27.1% over the same period last year.

Processing pineapple for export (Photo:

China increased imports of processed fruit and vegetables from most supply markets, except for Thailand. In which, the US and Vietnam are the two largest suppliers of the commodity to China in the 11 months.

Specifically, the country’s import from the US reached 278 million USD, up 67.5%, while those from Vietnam reached 213 million USD, up 34.9% year on year.

During the period, China also increased imports of fruit coded HS 2008 with value accounting for 50.1% of the total import of processed fruit and vegetables (coded HS 20). Specifically, import from the US was valued at 201.2 million USD, up 111.6% year on year. Following it were Vietnam with148.9 million USD, up 28.34%; the Republic of Korea with 77 million USD, up 8.5%; and the Philippines with 64.6 million USD, up 30.9%./.