HCMC applies digital transformation to become a smart city by 2030

Wednesday, 29/11/2023 08:58
Identifying digital technology and digital data as tools for breakthroughs in the digital economy, in 2023 Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) has carried out various activities and solutions to promote digital transformation in the locality, with the vision of becoming a smart city in 2030.

Digital economy contributes 18.66% to the city's GRDP

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) in July 2023, HCMC ranked 2nd nationwide in the digital transformation index (DTI) in 2022. This is the 3rd consecutive year, HCMC, the locality with the highest population density and the largest number of population in the country, has effectively implemented the digital transformation program.

People and businesses visit the creative space and digital transformation in HCMC
(Photo: hcmcpv.org.vn) 

Particularly, the city holds a high position nationwide in the digital institutions index (ranked 1st position), digital infrastructure (ranked 1st position), digital government activities (ranked 2nd position), and digital economic activities (ranked 4th position) nationwide.

Recently, HCMC People's Committee was also awarded the ASOCIO 2023 award by the Asia-Oceania Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) for the category of Excellent Digital Government. At the end of September, HCMC announced the implementation management system on a digital platform to help city leaders evaluate overall work efficiency, and request explanations for departments and branches when necessary. Those achievements help the contribution rate of the digital economy to the city's GRDP in 2022 estimated at 18.66%, equivalent to nearly 1.5 million billion VND.

Digital transformation applied to real life

Promoting its achieved successes, HCMC continues to promote digital transformation activities in 2023. Accordingly, the city organizes a series of events and a digital transformation week with the theme: "Exploring digital data, successful digital transformation".

At the Tech4life 2023 Exhibition and Conference taking place on October 4 and 5, HCMC People's Committee introduced a digital map, helping people easily look up information about the locality’s sites from information about offices, healthcare, traffic, environment and education. Thu Duc City People's Committee also introduced a 3D planning map.

Smart education system, one of the digital transformation models applied by HCMC 
(Photo: hcmcpv.org.vn) 

Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan Anh, Chairman of the District 7 People's Committee, said that in April 2023, based on the foundation of the Center for COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control and economic recovery built by FPT for District 7 in 2021, the center forms a database, digitizes and integrates data about various fields. For example, in the economic field, the center helps digitize data of 29,273 business households, 30,025 enterprises, 22 cooperatives, 9 markets and supermarkets, 3 trade centers and 165 stores. Regarding the urban sector, District 7 also digitized all planning maps, digitized 105 apartments, 458 roads, 540 alleys, 410 rivers and canals, 100 bridges and 25 fire hydrants.

Ms. Vo Thi Trung Trinh, Deputy Director of the HCMC Department of Information and Communications, said that HCMC will not create a separate information oasis for a department, branch, district or city, but it must connect, integrate data to serve the overall digital transformation causes of units, cities and the country./.