Festival in Belgium honors President Ho Chi Minh

Monday, 19/09/2022 16:07
On September 17-18, in the Belgian coastal city of Ostende, the Belgian Labor Party organized the Manifiesta (Solidarity Festival), an annual socio-political activity. This year's Manifesta honored President Ho Chi Minh for the first time.
Seminar "President Ho Chi Minh: Life and career" (Photo: VNA) 

The Vietnamese Embassy in Belgium coordinated with the Belgian Labor Party to organize a series of special events to introduce President Ho Chi Minh's legacy, including the release of a book translated from English collected and compiled by the Indian historian Vijay Prashad, including 48 articles of President Ho Chi Minh. The book introduces President Ho Chi Minh’s life, career and thoughts, and was first translated into Dutch, in addition to the French translation. At the festival, Vietnamese Ambassador to Belgium Nguyen Van Thao signed and presented books to readers.

At the seminar "President Ho Chi Minh: Life and career", Mr. Phan Ngoc Lan, an overseas Vietnamese intellectual in Belgium, introduced Uncle Ho through small stories. The public can better understand Uncle Ho, a simple man with immense love for humanity and poor people in the world. President Ho Chi Minh was a brilliant, resilient and pure soldier who fought all his life for peace, independence, freedom, happiness and social progress.

Mr. Lan said that he was extremely emotional when he was able to talk to the foreign public about President Ho Chi Minh. As a patriotic overseas Vietnamese, he wishes to spread the great values of Ho Chi Minh's morality, culture and ideology to international friends who love peace.

Ms. Patricia Parga, a Belgian of Chilean origin, said that when she heard of President Ho Chi Minh, she understood more about him, about his communist ideal of eliminating the exploiting class; bringing independence, freedom and happiness to the Vietnamese people; and always wishing for peace in the world.

Holding a book about President Ho Chi Minh, Ms Françoise, a native of Wallonia, said she knew very little about Vietnam. Listening to talks about Uncle Ho, she understood somewhat about the beloved President of the Vietnamese people. The book will help her better understand the background, career and contributions of President Ho Chi Minh to Vietnam and the world.

As a participant in compiling a book about Uncle Ho in French, Mr. Dominique Meeùs, a member of the Belgian Labor Party, feels extremely proud. He said that when he discovered documents about Ho Chi Minh in French, he discovered an admirable work that he did not know well. He said that he was so moved by the wonderful writing that really brought him to tears.

Within the framework of the Manifiesta Festival 2022, the Vietnamese Embassy also displayed and introduced photos of the liberation and construction of the country, as well as introduced Vietnamese culture, cuisine and people, promoting tourism. The public enjoyed the unique traditional puppetry performances and the famous Vietnamese spring rolls.

This year's Manifiesta attracted nearly 20,000 visitors. In addition to contributing to promoting the image, country and people of Vietnam, this was also an opportunity for the representative agency of Vietnam to exchange with partners about the situation in the region and the world, about the theory and experience in the cause of struggle for peace, justice and social progress. In addition, the event also contributes to strengthening the solidarity between Vietnam and Belgium as well as with the embassies of participating countries./.

Compiled by BTA