Laos puts Ho Chi Minh's complete works into teaching system

Monday, 04/07/2022 16:21
The Lao National Academy of Politics and Administration has held a ceremony to announce and guide the study of Ho Chi Minh's complete works in teaching and learning at the Academy. The works were earlier translated from Vietnamese into Lao.

Ho Chi Minh complete works in Lao language. (Photo: VNA) 

At the ceremony, sharing with hundreds of students and lecturers of the Academy, Deputy Director of the Lao National Academy of Politics and Administration, Dr. Khamla Keoounkham, said that the introduction of the works being translated from Vietnamese to Lao into teaching is a very practical work, satisfying and creating favourable conditions for researchers, scholars, teachers, and those interested in the work, to access and research.

Dr. Khamla Keoounkham affirmed that President Ho Chi Minh's great thought expressed in the complete work is the whole system of profound views, including President Ho Chi Minh's deep awareness of crimes , the exploitation of the colonial regime on the colonial people. In the process of finding a way to save the country, he approached Marxism-Leninism and realized that this was the profound political theory foundation for the path of national liberation and human liberation.

In the national history of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh oriented the country to follow the path of socialism and took Marxism-Leninism as the revolutionary theory. In order to effectively organize and carry out the goal of building the country along the path to socialism, he attaches great importance to Party building and development, building exemplary in cadre and Party work, all for the people, who sacrificed and devoted their lives to the Vietnamese revolution as well as to the international communist movement.

According to Dr. Khamla Keoounkham, each of Ho Chi Minh's complete work has a profound theoretical and practical value, reflecting the process of his activities, the stages of the history of the Vietnamese revolution and the world, are valuable lessons not only for the Vietnamese people but also for all mankind, peace-loving people to study. President Ho Chi Minh is a shining example of sacrifice for the people, for the common good, for the country, for the people. The doctor emphasized, President Ho Chi Minh always cared about the people's lives, because he was deeply aware that only the masses of the people would make the revolutionary cause successful./.

Compiled by BTA