Strengthening equal partnership, innovative co-creation for benefits of Vietnam and Sweden

Friday, 10/06/2022 21:40
(CPV) – On June 10, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Robert Rydberg met a Vietnamese audience consisting of students and researchers, government representatives, experts and other interested friends, at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV).
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Robert Rydberg spoke at the meeting

The meeting focused on Swedish policy, the Swedish and European security situation, and the Sweden-Vietnam relationship going forward.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Pham Lan Dung, Acting Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, expressed his pleasure and excitement to welcome Mr. Robert Rydberg to the meeting with DAV staff and students. The Acting Director thanked the Deputy Minister for taking the time to discuss and talk with DAV students, proposing to organize a visit for the students to the Embassy and exchange with Swedish diplomats.

Dr. Pham Lan Dung also hailed the cooperation results between Vietnam and Sweden, including bilateral diplomatic activities, while suggesting that the Swedish side will continue to coordinate in implementing academic exchanges and organizing seminars on the foreign policies of the two countries and the Swedish model of “innovation”.

Regarding bilateral relations between Vietnam and Sweden, the participants also highly agreed that the two countries need to closely coordinate to boost economic initiatives and new-generation free trade agreements, aimed at effectively implementing and delivering positive economic growth, as well as strengthening equal partnership and innovative co-creation for the benefit of both countries and peoples.

An overview of the meeting

Earlier, on June 9, on the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of Bai Bang Paper Mill 1982 - 2022 (now the Vietnam Paper Corporation - VINAPACO), Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Robert Rydberg visited leadership and workers’ representatives in Bai Bang, Phu Tho, looking at one of the biggest and outstanding symbols of Sweden-Vietnam development cooperation over time.

According to the Swedish Embassy in Vietnam, during the Deputy Minister’s visit to Vietnam, he will consult bilaterally with his Vietnamese counterpart, Mr. Ha Kim Ngoc, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Importantly, he will pay a courtesy call to Mr Bui Thanh Son, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

He will also meet leading Vietnamese think tanks, economists and change-makers, and conclude the visit by a talk with all Swedish Embassy staff members in Hanoi.

Speaking after landing in Hanoi, Deputy Minister Rydberg said: “With our historic ties, Vietnam is a good friend and an important partner for Sweden within the ASEAN region. I am pleased to have this opportunity to discuss with my counterparts in Hanoi and exchange views on current affairs, while addressing common challenges such as post-pandemic green recovery, energy crisis and climate.”

In the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he stressed that Sweden wants to work with Vietnam and other countries to uphold international law. He said “We demand respect for international law that upholds a rules-based international order where the sovereign rights and territorial integrity of smaller nations are fully respected everywhere.”

He also expressed appreciation to Vietnam for its contribution of 500,000 USD to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine through the pledge made at the Swedish-Polish donor conference in Warsaw early May.

Over the past 53 years, Sweden and Vietnam have been friends and partners, even in the most difficult of times. On January 11, 1969, at the height of the American War, Sweden became the first Western country to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam. The Government of Sweden and the Swedish people expressed its support for and solidarity with the Vietnamese people.

On the business side, there are already over 60 Swedish companies established in Vietnam. These companies work closely with local suppliers and partners to provide cutting-edge innovations, sustainable solutions and products in line with Vietnam’s green growth strategy and aspiration to become a more innovative nation. They include, among others, ABB, AstraZeneca, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, H&M, Hestra Gloves, IKEA, Oriflame, SKF, Tetra Pak, Volvo Buses and Volvo Cars.

Sweden-Vietnam bilateral trade has maintained a stable growth rate in recent years. In 2021, the total two-way trade turnover reached 1.5 billion USD./.

Minh Van