Vietnamese bread named best food in the world

Friday, 28/02/2020 16:47
Vietnamese bread is highly appreciated by international friends in terms of both flavor and appearance.

Banh Mi – One of the world's best street foods

Not only Vietnamese people but also international friends love bread

It only stands behind only pho (noodle) in terms of taste and fame.

It is listed a “have-to-try” food for foreign visitors to Vietnam.

Egg bread is familiar in international friends’ eyes.

Bread flower performed by Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie in Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand

Plentiful kinds of bread

Bread without other materials inside

A bread seller on the street

Typical bread of Vietnam

Hanoi bread

Tasteful bread with attached materials

Hai Phong bread

 Hai Phong city is famous for its typical bread which is much smaller than normal ones. The materials attached include chilli and fatty pate.

Typical bread of Hai Phong

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