Bach Dang Wharf brings modern beauty to Ho Chi Minh City

Monday, 20/02/2023 15:26
(CPV) - Bach Dang Wharf has long been a familiar name to Ho Chi Minh City people, in a prime location running along the banks of the Saigon River and connecting busy streets of District 1. Up to now, after being upgraded with the campus on a total area of over 23,400 square meters, Bach Dang Wharf has a modern and brilliant beauty.
The new design of Bach Dang Wharf takes the openness of one side facing the street, the other facing the large Saigon River, creating a wide view, and bringing comfort and newness to the people.
After being invested and embellished, the river wharf has gradually become a developed and famous tourist destination.
Moreover, this place is also adjacent to many famous tourist attractions of the city such as Nha Rong Wharf, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, and the Independence Palace.
Thu Thiem Bridge 2
This place also has a variety of entertainment such as parks, train stations, river buses, cafes, restaurants on yachts and luxury hotels.
Visitors definitely cannot ignore the experience of taking a bus on the river, which is extremely unique.
With a large and airy space, Bach Dang Wharf is a place that attracts domestic and foreign tourists to experience.
Bach Dang wharf is full of sunshine during the day, and shimmering lights at night.
In the evening, Bach Dang Wharf seems to become more sparkling and brilliant thanks to the lights from high-rise buildings. In the romantic scene of the city at night, Bach Dang Wharf has a mysterious beauty.
 It is the place to organize many special activities for the people of the city.