Bombax ceiba – present for March

Monday, 14/03/2022 16:38
(CPV) - Every March, when the weather becomes warm, nature provides opportunities to see the bombax ceiba flowers. From the first red flowers, one day the whole tree bursts into a bright red color against the blue sky.

Bombax ceiba trees are commonly grown in the countryside, mostly in the northern rural areas.

Bombax ceiba is a kind of wild flower.

The flowers blossom in March when the weather is warm.

The flowers in blossom look like fire against the blue sky.

Doai Village, Tien Noi Commune, Duy Tien Town in Ha Nam Province has a row of bombax ceiba trees, attracting many tourists. 

The ancient trees with red flowers are reflected by the canal in the peaceful countryside.

For a long time, the flowers have become the symbol and warm gift of March.

The flowers are also an attractive topic for writers and artists, especially photographers and painters.