Bringing Tet to Spratly Islands

Friday, 14/01/2022 19:01
As the lunar New Year festival approaches, a working delegation of the Naval Zone 4 visited and brought Tet presents to cadres and soldiers on duty on the Spratly Islands.

Art programme on Spring in Spratly Archipelago to take place on Jan.15

Sunrise on Spratly Islands

The activity showed the concern of the Party, State, the Ministry of Defense, Navy and people of the whole country to the soldiers who are guarding the sea and islands of the Fatherland day and night.

Packages of Tet gifts and necessities were transferred from the ship Khanh Hoa - 01(561) to the boats for officers and soldiers on the islands of Truong Sa Island district.

Officers and soldiers on Toc Tan B received Tet gifts.

Tet presents come to Phan Vinh Island.

Kumquat trees bring the spring atmosphere to the islands.

Presents from the mainland help soldiers on An Bang Island decorate Tet offerings.
BTA (Photo: VNA)