Buon Don Elephant Festival

Monday, 13/03/2023 11:38
Within the framework of the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, on March 12, in Buon Don district (Dak Lak province), the 2023 Buon Don Elephant Festival officially opened.
Elephants bow to visitors to Buon Don district.
Charming Ede girls in traditional costumes
The elephants get makeup for the festival.
Seven elephants from tourism units and people came to the festival.
The elephant is the symbol of Buon Don district.
The Buon Don Elephant Festival in 2023 is a practical activity to introduce the potentials of cultural development and eco-tourism of the province; honor the cultural values of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands; attract investors to promote joint venture, association, investment cooperation and socio-economic development activities in general and tourism in particular.
Buffet for elephants
The elephants are delighted to enjoy the buffet.
Many other contests attract participation at the Buon Don Elephant Festival.

BTA (Photos: SGGP)