Contemplating mysterious, pristine beauty of Kho Chua La Cave

Thursday, 21/04/2022 17:03
The cave was formed from geological tectonics over millions of years, creating a cave deep in the rocky mountains with splendid stalactites and unique strange shapes.

Khoa Chua La Cave in Xa Nhe commune, Tua Chua district, the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien, was recognized as a national scenic relic in 2015.

The cave is located in a mountain about 1,000m above sea level.

Kho Chua La was formed from geological tectonics over millions of years

The cave is about 1,000m above sea level, and extends more than 800m deep into the mountain. Its widest place is 15-18 meters and the highest arch is 18-25 meters.

The stalactites from the ceiling create a fanciful and mysterious look.

In the cave, there are many stalactites with interesting evocative shapes.

Inside the cave, there are many wide arches with vivid architecture.

Currently, Kho Chua La Cave has been invested with walkways and lighting systems to serve visitors./.

BTA (Photo: VNA)