Dong Chau charming and attractive northern beach

Friday, 22/07/2022 15:17
(CPV) - Dong Chau Beach is 35 kilometers from Thai Binh City, Thai Binh Province. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air of the windy sea, watch the clam fields under the sunset or learn about the long-standing cultural heritage.
Thai Binh is not only the land of productive rice, but also beautiful beaches. 
 Coming to Dong Chau beach, visitors can see firsthand the clam field with countless watchtowers, a unique feature of this land.
Sunrise in the clam field - an attractive moment for many tourists. 
Dong Chau attracts everyone with the murmur of the waves... 
… and the simple and romantic life scene under the sunset. 
Not only being a beautiful sea favourable for tourism, Dong Chau is also an ideal place for clam production. 
The fields of clams in the sea have long offered inspiration to many photographers. 
 Simple features in the life of the people in the coastal area
 All blend together to create the beauty of true life in Dong Chau Beach.
Clams here are raised and harvested within 15 months, helping many people have a stable income from farming this seafood. 
 Dong Chau Beach has a very fresh climate, suitable for rest and convalescence, especially the seafood here is very delicious and sold at reasonable prices. Therefore, discovering the coastal life of Dong Chau is an experience that should not be missed when tourists have the opportunity to come to Thai Binh Province.