Exploring Ba Den Mountain - the roof of the South

Wednesday, 02/08/2023 16:22
Ba Den Mountain has long been an attractive destination for many tourists. The mountain is located in Thanh Tan commune, about 11km from Tay Ninh city (Tay Ninh province). With an altitude of up to 986 meters, this mountain is known as the "roof of the South".

Today, Ba Den Mountain is one of the places with spiritual symbolism for the people of the South. In the region, there are 6 pagodas with temples over 300 years old. Tay Ninh province has called for businesses to invest, turning Ba Den Mountain into a famous spiritual tourist destination with many magnificent works.

Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh 
On the mountain, there are many ancient pagodas. 
Flower garden halfway up Ba Den Mountain 
Many cultural activities and festivals take place regularly at Ba Den Mountain. 
The Buddha statue on Ba Den Mountain is the tallest Buddha in Asia. 
The Buddha statue on Ba Den Mountain is the tallest Buddha in Asia. 
The place to recreate the activities of the resistance war against the Americans in Kim Quang Cave on Ba Den Mountain. 
Ba Den Mountain is also an attractive eco-tourism destination. In Tay Ninh, dry season is always the most beautiful and convenient season for travel. Therefore, the most ideal time for tourists to come to Ba Den Mountain tourist area is from November this year to May next year. 
 On January 21, 1989, the Ministry of Culture and Information recognized Ba Den Mountain as a national historical relic and scenic spot.

BTA (Photos: HNMO)