Following Uncle Ho’s footstep in northern mountainous historic relic

Wednesday, 10/11/2021 16:10
The Pac Bo Special National Historic Site located in Truong Ha Commune, Ha Quang District, Cao Bang Province is a place associated with Uncle Ho's activities during the first time he returned to the Fatherland, making it the red address for the development steps of the Vietnamese revolution - the period of preparation for the General uprising to seize power in the country (1941-1945).

Over 80,700 trees planted at Pac Bo special national relic site

The relic owns a poetic, quiet and solemn beauty.

In the past few days, it has rained a lot in Cao Bang, and the water of the Lenin stream is high, clear, with white foam.

In the photo is the place where Uncle Ho used to fish and relax after work.

Model of a wood stove in Coc Bo cave - where Uncle Ho lived and did revolutionary activities in the early days of returning home.

Mr. Ly Quoc Sung's house. After returning from China on January 28, 1941, Uncle Ho stayed in this house until February 7, 1941, before moving to Coc Bo cave.

The watershed area of Lenin stream. Blue and gentle water creates a beautiful, peaceful and fresh scene.

Inside Uncle Ho Temple

Kim Dong relic - the first captain of the National Salvation Children's Team (now the Ho Chi Minh Youth Pioneer Organization).

In the relic area, there is also the grave of Kim Dong's mother (Mrs. Lan Thi Ho) and the temple of the Children's Rescue Team.
BTA (Source: TPO)