Fructus docyniae flowers colour highland region

Friday, 18/03/2022 17:00
(CPV) – As the weather becomes warmer, Fructus docyniae flowers are in blossom, whitening the hills in the highland region.

In the northwestern region, Mu Cang Chai District in Yen Bai Province is known as the center of the fructus docyniae.

Roads to Mu Cang Chai are lined with fructus docyniae flowers.

Starting from February to April, the flowers are the most beautiful in March.

Fructus docyniae used to be a wild plant in forests before it was grown at residents’ homes, becoming a plant for economic development.

Fructus docyniae is bright in Nam Co Commune, Mu Cang Chai District.

Fructus docyniae flower season is compared to the “second spring” for H’Mong ethnic minority women.

The flowers bring with them extremely charming beauty.

The white flowers cover residents’ houses.

A beautiful picture in Nam Co Commune