H’Mong ethnic minority-based tourism village

Thursday, 07/07/2022 10:06
(CPV) – Sin Suoi Ho Village in Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province, is located on a mountain at over 1,400 meters high. From a H’Mong village with many evils, it has now become a non-smoking, clean, civilized community tourism village.

Before 1992, most people in Sin Suoi Ho grew opium poppy and were addicted to opium. Opium made the lives of the people here miserable with many other evils. However, after developing community-based tourism, since 2005, the number of addicts has gradually decreased, so far, Sin Suoi Ho village has no more drug addicts.

The source of income of households is increasing from tourism and selling local products. Prominent in the model of community-based tourism in the village is smoke-free eco-tourism, deploying many new forms of experience, which has effectively promoted and created sustainable livelihoods.

Since 2012, a prosperous and happy life has replaced the backward poverty.

In 2015, Sin Suoi Ho was recognized as a community tourism village, attracting tourists to explore and experience. 
Stepping into the village, guests are invited to enjoy cardamom juice with honey, a typical drink measured by bamboo tubes, and drinking cups are also made of bamboo tubes. Tourists also enjoy typical cultural performances and cultural characteristics. 
Sin Suoi Ho village has more than 135 households with 600 people, of which more than 10 households work in homestay tourism. 
100% of households in the village grow orchids - a plant that brings in an income of about VND200-300 million per household per year.  
 The H’Mong girls introduce the traditional dance of their ethnic group to visitors.
This land, with a past of poverty and backwardness, has flourished with the development of indigenous culture. 
 Sin Suoi Ho also develops a model of a traditional tourist market of the H’Mong people, selling local products such as herbal medical, brocade and cuisine, associated with a demonstration space of typical production stages.
H’Mong children have fun with activities in daily life. 
 Along with traditional culture imbued with identity, Sin Suoi Ho preserves a number of attractive scenic spots, creating great potential for the development of various types of tourism.
 Visitors experience ecotourism in the journey to visit Sin Suoi Ho village.
In order to preserve the best environment for tourists, the H’Mong people implement the several no's model, which are: no smoking; no alcohol; no gambling; no littering. Along with that is 100% pure natural food without chemicals.