Hanoi in chrysanthemum season

Friday, 05/11/2021 16:37
(CPV) – In November, when cold winds at the beginning of the season appear, the chrysanthemum flowers bloom, marking a winter coming to Hanoi.

In recent years, Nhat Tan flower village in Nhat Tan ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi, not only grows peach but also grows many white daisies.

At the end of autumn and early winter, when the peach blossom fields prepare to pluck leaves for Tet, the chrysanthemum flowers begin to bloom.

Although the flower is small, it is loved by many people, creating a significant source of income for flower growers. Therefore, chrysanthemums are concentrated by Nhat Tan people to cultivate together with peach flowers in this land.

Flower growers in Nhat Tan said that chrysanthemum varieties are easy to grow and often have a good season. Chrysanthemums are intercropped between peach trees to save space or grow separate beds, convenient for care.

Gardeners in Nhat Tan are busy in the chrysanthemum harvest season.

Busy working atmosphere in each flower field

The blooming nightingale season only lasts about 3 short weeks, so no one seems to want to miss the lovely moments of this flower.

Not as brilliant as the sunflower, not as beautiful as the rose, the daisies choose for themselves a pure feature.

The pure white flower has become a simple and dear image of Hanoi.

On this occasion, people and tourists can meet chrysanthemums on many streets and street corners.

Gentle daisies on the street...