Article 3: Overseas Vietnamese’s warm sentiment towards beloved Truong Sa

(CPV) - Over the past years, the organization of delegations to Truong Sa and DK1 platform has further contributed to affirming Vietnam's sovereignty over the Truong Sa. The visits to Truong Sa are an opportunity for overseas Vietnamese from many parts of the world to meet, exchange, connect and create cohesion between overseas Vietnamese and people in the country, contributing to strengthening national unity and harmony.

Through the trips, the overseas Vietnamese community better understands and is deeply grateful for the great merits of the Vietnam People's Army and Vietnam People's Navy in liberating, protecting and developing the island systems, building into solid security assurance bases for the sovereignty of the sea and islands. With their hearts and feelings, overseas Vietnamese from all over the world have made practical contributions, helping ease some of the difficulties of officials and soldiers on remote islands.


From 2012 to 2022, the representatives of overseas Vietnamese communities donated to support building a number of sovereign boats, building a number of works on the island, presenting gifts, materials and necessities to islands and DK1 platform with a total amount of about 26.8 billion VND. Some outstanding gifts of the overseas Vietnamese communities are solar battery rigs, computers, mini generators, versatile exercise equipment, cameras, freezers, telescopes, microbial fertilizers, umbrellas, medicines, and other necessities.

In the 10th journey towards the beloved sea and islands of the Fatherland, responding to the call of the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese, overseas Vietnamese in many countries and territories have contributed important funds to support the "For Green Truong Sa” program launched by the Navy High Command, giving gifts, materials and necessities to support the life and work of the army and people in Truong Sa Island district and the DK1 platform.

Apart from material contributions, overseas Vietnamese also actively conveyed their sentiment through composing poems, literary works, short stories, and autobiographical stories such as the book "Overseas Vietnamese with Truong Sa" by Hieu Constant (France), the photo book on the homeland’s sea and islands by Nguyen Thanh Tong (France), Truong Sa - Hoang Sa chronicles by Etcetera Nguyen (USA), Project "Truong Sa, DK1 platform calendar - Journey of the heart", which has published nearly 10,000 copies and is available on digital platforms (AppStore and Google Play apps).


Overseas Vietnamese communities across the globe have always been ambassadors of Truong Sa. They have proactively disseminated information and images of Truong Sa to the world through various channels, enabling international friends to know about Truong Sa and understand more about Vietnam's efforts in safeguarding its sovereignty over the sea and islands.

They have also established Truong Sa - Hoang Sa forums and clubs in many countries such as Hoang Sa - Truong Sa Club in Poland (2019); Truong Sa Club in Germany (2017); Fund for sovereignty of the sea and islands of overseas Vietnamese community in the Republic of Korea (RoK) (2015); Hoang Sa - Truong Sa Club in the Czech Republic (2022); club “Love Vietnam's seas and islands” in France (March 2023); the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Thailand’s Udon Thani has been recognized as the member of the club "For the beloved Hoang Sa - Truong Sa" under the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund (March 2023), and the "Journey of the heart" Fund to support study promotion and health care for relatives and soldiers on duty at sea.

In addition, overseas Vietnamese have increasingly researched new measures and inventions to improve the lives of officers and soldiers on the island. Particularly, the Overseas Vietnamese Association in the RoK has successfully researched the machine "Converting air humidity into fresh water," green vegetable varieties in the RoK, which are salt and heat tolerant, suitable for geographical conditions in Truong Sa. The association has presented three machines to convert air humidity into fresh water in places with high humidity of over 70% such as Colin Island, Len Dao Island and DK1/17 platform; three photovoltaic generators with high efficiency, trial vegetable growing rigs on different models and Korean vegetable varieties.

Some Truong Sa Clubs abroad  

Many seminars and exhibitions have been held to affirm the love for the country of overseas Vietnamese, contributing to strongly providing information about Vietnam's sovereignty over the sea and islands to overseas Vietnamese of all generations and the international community.

The trips to Truong Sa and DK1 platform have become an educational environment for patriotism, helping to raise the sense of responsibility of the people in the country and Vietnamese people abroad to join hands to contribute to the struggle to protect the sovereignty over seas and islands of the Fatherland./.

(The articles use several documents and photos of some colleagues)

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30/06/2023 15:41