Moc Chau - an experience tourist destination

Thursday, 11/11/2021 15:31
(CPV) - Moc Chau Plateau (Son La province), which is 180 km northwest of Hanoi, is becoming a favorite tourist destination for many domestic and foreign tourists. This is a famous place with green, poetic steppes with many experience points, unique discoveries, attractive cuisine, friendly people and good service system ... They are all making the brand of Moc Chau tourism.

Located on the famous Northwest Road, Moc Chau Plateau welcomes visitors with spectacular roads, winding by undulating slopes, green tea hills. And when spring comes, we can enjoy the beauty of colorful ban flowers, wildflowers, plum blossoms, peach blossoms.

Whether summer or winter, foggy day or sunny day, visitors are all amazed by the stunningness of the rustic, pristine highland land of Moc Chau.

In the fresh and cool space, the green tea hills are the special interesting destinations of this highland land.

The best time to see the tea hill is at dawn, when dewdrops are still on the delicate tea leaves or at sunset.

Heart tea hill - an attractive destination in Moc Chau plateau. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery of the tea hills, visitors also have the opportunity to learn, experience the process of collecting, processing tea, enjoying tea with delicious and pure green teapots.

With a community of 17 ethnic groups living in this land, it has created a unique cultural picture. This is also a favorable resource to attract visitors to the green plateau through the construction of attractive tourism products.

A corner of Moc Chau town

Coming to this land, tourists can explore the beauty spots, such as: Bat Cave (Son Moc Huong Cave); Dai Yem Waterfall; Love Glass Bridge; Pine Forest, Pha Luong Peak; Chieng Khoa Waterfall... Besides, visitors also can learn about famous historical sites such as Choi Hong Pagoda, Moc Ly Fort, Uncle Ho monument, Tay Tien Regiment souvenir area…

At the end of the year, the plateau is covered with the white color of apricots, red peach blossoms, or rows of plum blossoms, apricot flowers spread across the roads leading to the small village.

Ecotourism …

... Community tourism - these types of tourism bring an attractive experience on the green plateau.

Moc Chau products are bought by many tourists as gifts.

Moc Chau also attracts visitors with fields, green grass hills, milk cows grazing, with peach gardens, plum gardens, strawberry gardens, passion fruit, green vegetable gardens stretching beside the villages of ethnic Thai and Mong people... The taste of Moc Chau Plateau remains in our hearts through each glass of milk, which is from the dairy industry here. Unique products help tourists feel the fullness of life, fresh air of the Green Steppe.