Tapping the values of great poet’s memorial site

Saturday, 07/10/2023 15:01
The Nguyen Du Memorial Site in the central province of Ha Tinh counts among the country’s cultural and historical attractions that draw a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Located in a complex of relics of the Nguyen family in Tien Dien town, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province, the special national relic site has long been a popular destination among visitors.

It features more than 2,000 items and artifacts from Nguyen Du’s lifetime, in particular his Han-Nom poems, which are considered masterpieces.

Each year between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors come to the Nguyen Du Memorial Site.

To boost economic efficiency, local authorities and the site’s management board are seeking ways to tap its special values.

Nguyen Du, the author of the literary masterpiece “The Tale of Kieu”, was recognised as a World Cultural Figure by UNESCO in 2013.

As an important highlight of Ha Tinh’s tourism, the Nguyen Du Memorial Site has received investment over recent years to become a national tourist area and a cultural - historical destination in Ha Tinh, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists./.

CPV (Source: VNA)