Thac Ba hydropower reservoir project - A wonder of Yen Bai province

Wednesday, 20/07/2022 14:39
(CPV) - Thac Ba Lake, likened to "Ha Long on the mountain" in the Northwest, is one of the three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam, formed when building Thac Ba hydropower plant. Covering nearly 20,000 hectares of surface water, including more than 1,300 large and small green islands, and a beautiful cave system hidden deep in the limestone mountains, Thac Ba Lake is a wonder of Yen Bai province.

The Thac Ba hydroelectric power plant inaugurated on October 5, 1971 is a historical work showing the will of solidarity to overcome difficulties, determination to conquer nature, turning the potential of nature into precious electricity to serve the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country.

Initially, the main function of Thac Ba hydropower plant was to provide a stable source of electricity to meet the living needs of the people in the North, and was the basis for building and developing key economic sectors for the country. However, along with the development of science and technology, today Thac Ba hydropower plant also carries more missions such as combining with other hydropower reservoirs to regulate and mitigate floods for the plains, contributing to the development of Yen Bai tourism, improving the environment and natural ecosystem.

The Thac Ba hydropower plant 
Water outlet system during generator operation 
Turbine devices for generating electricity on the body of a hydroelectric dam
The generated current will be distributed by a general station to the power transmission lines for consumption.
The center building operates all activities of the plant. 
The stele area registers to commemorate officers, employees and soldiers who heroically sacrificed during the construction of the plant. 
The construction of the hydropower plant has created a rich ecological zone for the downstream region. 
The campus around the factory area is also an ideal place to visit.
The poetic scene on Thac Ba lake in the early morning 
Thac Ba Lake - an important resource contributing to the development of the tourism economy for Yen Bai province. 
In addition, the wide and deep lake also creates great potential for the local development to exploit and raise aquatic products.