Unique culture of Meo Vac market in Ha Giang

Tuesday, 20/06/2023 16:35
At each Meo Vac market in Ha Giang province, local people come not only to buy and sell products and necessities, but also to meet and exchange.
People exchange, buy and sell products at Meo Vac market. 
Wine is a familiar item to the highlanders at each market. 
Area for buying and selling dogs at the market 
The dining area is always crowded with people. 
Five-color sticky rice of the Tay people 
Thang Co, a traditional dish of the H'Mong, at Meo Vac market. 
Pho is a dish chosen by many people when coming to Meo Vac market. 
H'Mong women meet at the market. 
The area for buying and selling cattle at Meo Vac market is always lively 
Giay ethnic people go to the market. 
Rice cakes of the H'Mong people are sold at Meo Vac market. 

BTA (Photos: VNA)