Visiting Uncle Ho's memorial area in Van Xuan

Thursday, 23/05/2024 15:13
(CPV) - At the memorial area of President Ho Chi Minh in Van Xuan commune (Tam Nong, Phu Tho), his sacred and warm image is always kept in the hearts of local people.

President Ho Chi Minh memorial area covers 2,780 square meters, including the reception gate, memorial house, and Mr. Hoang Van Nguyen's house where Uncle Ho lived from March 4 to March 17, 1947, on the road to the Viet Bac resistance base. The memorial house was built in 1994 and in 1995, it was recognized as a National Historical and Cultural Monument.

The memorial area of President Ho Chi Minh in Van Xuan commune is a historical and cultural relic marking the image of Uncle Ho in the hearts of the people of the Ancestral Land of Phu Tho, and is a "red address" to teach patriotic traditions, national pride and sacred feelings of compatriots, comrades, and soldiers towards beloved Uncle Ho.

 The road to Van Xuan commune
President Ho Chi Minh's memorial area is a "red address" for traditional education of the Ancestral Land of Phu Tho. 
 Entrance gate to the memorial area
The memorial area includes two important works: the memorial house and the wooden house of Mr. Hoang Van Nguyen where Uncle Ho stayed during his days in Van Xuan. 
 Coming here, every person always looks towards Uncle Ho with sacred feelings and respect.
The altar to worship Uncle Ho in the memorial house 
 Mr. Hoang Van Vinh, an officer of the Relic Management Board, introduced Uncle Ho's slogan "Long-term resistance will surely win".
Hoang Van Nguyen's wooden house where Uncle Ho stopped to rest during his days in Van Xuan 
The simple, rustic wooden bed where Uncle Ho used to sleep  
Letters, decrees, and documents bearing Uncle Ho's autographs during his days in Van Xuan 
 In the middle of the wooden house and the memorial house is a diospyros decandra tree, where there is a stone stele recording information about the location where Uncle Ho exercised every morning during his days in Van Xuan 
After many years, the tree is still green and provides cool shade. 
The certificate of recognition as a national historical and cultural relic of President Ho Chi Minh Memorial Site in Van Xuan is solemnly displayed in the memorial house. 
Students take care of Uncle Ho's memorial area. 
Students actively read books and study Uncle Ho's great revolutionary career and ideology.