All Vietnamese interns in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture remain safe after earthquake

Tuesday, 16/01/2024 15:38
The Vietnamese Embassy in Japan on January 15 said it is making efforts to assist Vietnamese workers in Ishikawa prefecture in resettling their lives after the earthquake on January 1.
Area affected by tsunami following earthquake in Ishikawa prefecture (Photo: VNA)

The embassy in Japan has officially confirmed that all Vietnamese interns in Ishikawa prefecture remain safe after the earthquake.

Mr. Phan Tien Hoang, First Secretary and Head of the Embassy’s Labour Management Department, affirmed that since the earthquake occurred, the embassy has been actively gathering information about Vietnamese workers. They have been providing relief supplies and collaborating with labour unions to relocate workers to safe shelters.

He said that a majority of Japanese businesses in Ishikawa expressed their desire in hiring Vietnamese workers to contribute to reconstruction efforts.

The embassy urged the Organisation for Technical Intern Training (OTIT) of Japan to expedite support measures for foreign workers, including Vietnamese workers.

The OTIT said in cases enterprises require an extended period to resume operations, labour unions will consider finding new jobs for apprentices, and the OTIT commits to expediting this process as quickly as possible.

The OTIT has also posted information on its official website in multiple languages, including Vietnamese, along with contact numbers for foreign interns to reach out in case of difficulties./.