Belarusian friends learn about Vietnamese history, traditions and culture

Wednesday, 17/04/2024 15:26
The Vietnamese Embassy in Belarus in coordination with the Association of International Friendship and Cultural Exchange of Belarus and the Belarus - Vietnam Friendship Association on April 15 organized Vietnam Day in Minsk, Belarus.
An art performance at the event (Photo:

According to Vietnamese Ambassador to Belarus Nguyen Van Ngu, the series of events are opportunities for Belarusian friends to learn more about Vietnamese history, traditions and culture, and share experiences in business cooperation with Vietnam through public diplomatic activities, discussions between the Embassy and representatives of Belarusian government agencies, organizations and businesses, leading up to the solemn celebration of the Liberation of the South, national reunification (April 30), Dien Bien Phu victory (May 7), and victory over fascism in Belarus (May 9).

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Nina Ivanova, President of the Belarus - Vietnam Friendship Association, emphasized the significance of April 30 for the Vietnamese people, who fought for independence and freedom for decades, while also drawing participants' attention to the Vietnamese cultural diversity that they can witness with their own eyes at the event.

Poet Irina Tulupova, member of the Belarusian Writers' Association, delivered her speech about the characteristics of Vietnamese literature and about the translations of works of Vietnamese writers and poets into Belarusian.

At the event, participants also enjoyed special art programs performed by overseas Vietnamese and students in Minsk and students from Glebov Children's Art and Music School No. 10, especially the performances imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity such as conical hat dance, traditional long dress performance and bamboo dancing./.