Bookcase in restaurant helps introduce Vietnamese culture in Belgium

Monday, 15/05/2023 16:58
A Vietnamese bookcase was launched by Youtube channel Viet Happiness Station in Pho Sure restaurant of an overseas Vietnamese in Ostende city, Belgium on May 14.
At the launching ceremony (Photo: VNA) 

This is the first Vietnamese restaurant abroad that has implemented the project.

According to Ms. Kieu Bich Huong, who is in charge of the channel, the project aims to introduce Vietnamese culture and literature, history, tourism, art, and cuisine to overseas Vietnamese and international friends in a closer and more accessible way.

Ms. Phuong Mai, the owner of the restaurant, said she hopes her restaurant will be a cozy space for everyone to enjoy Vietnamese foods and read books about Vietnam. 

“Diners coming to the restaurant not only enjoy Vietnamese culinary art but also understand the soul of Vietnamese people”, she said

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Vietnamese writer Kieu Bich Hau, who is on a trip to Europe to attend some international literary conferences, highly valued the initiative "Vietnamese bookcases in Vietnamese restaurants abroad", saying that this is the first step to open similar bookcases in other restaurants in different countries.

She promised to support the project and called on other sponsors to join hands in expanding Vietnamese bookcases abroad.

Poet Nhu Quynh de Prelle, who is living in Brussels, was very touched when she can contribute her own books to the project. She expressed the hope to introduce more Vietnamese books abroad.

Ronald Clercx, a regular Belgian customer of Pho Sure restaurant, said literary books, especially bilingual ones, will help customers get insights into the country and people of Vietnam.

Through the project, Viet Happiness Station hopes that Vietnamese restaurants abroad will serve as bridges to bring Vietnamese books, especially bilingual ones, to many foreign readers./.